+39 338 2082288 Jagdverein Ridnaun


Centre of Biathlon Ridanna - Racines


Till 24.01.2019 8 o"clock p.m.
Phone +39 338 2082288
FAX: +39 0472 670289
E-Mail: info@jaegerbiathlon.it
Application form under www.jaegerbiathlon.it

Registration fee:

€ 30,00 (one meal included)
The fee can be paid at the distribution of the starting numbers, on 26.01.2019 at 8 o"clock a.m.


10:00 a.m. at the Centre of Biathlon Ridanna

Distance; shooting range:

You have to cover three-times the distance of 1,5 km by freestyle. Further you have to shoot with a rifle calibre 22 which has to be loaded singly (it remains at the shooting range) five-times by lying and five-times by standing marked on a stick towards the big target of Biathlon (11,5 cm/50 m). Per miss there will be added one minute per error to the total time of the competitor.

Rifle calibre 22:

At the shooting range it is only allowed to use the rifles and ammunition made available from the organizer.


Hunters 1 1983 and younger
Hunters 2 1982 - 1968
Hunters 3 1967 - 1958
Hunters 4 1957 - 1950
Hunters 5 1949 and older
Huntresses 1 1969 and younger
Huntresses 2 1968 and older


The best 3 per hunting district

Distribution of prizes:

At about 16:30 p.m. at the club house of Ridanna.

Steuernummer: 81006690218

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